The usage possibilities of the expanded metal sheets have significantly widened in the past period. Their favourable characteristics were mainly used in the past in the industry for manufacturing grids, filters, among others. The architecture of the present days has luckily observed and discovered the innovative possibilities to be found in these types of metals, which is also supported by the continuous development of the manufacturing technologies. As the effect of all these the expanded metal sheets have become one of the determinative, eye-pleasing and at the same time practical building element of the modern architecture. Our company as the exclusive representative of the firm manufacturing such products, the Italian Fratelli MARIANI, is capable to respond the challenges posed by the widest demands.

The products with the hallmark MARIANItech® trademark offer innovative solutions for shaping fantastic building facades from expanded metal sheets. This is exactly the reason why these sheets are used with predilection at renewing of existing buildings or the construction of new ones.

The benefits of the expanded metal sheet

They are permeable to light and air:

they are outstandingly suitable for shading and air technology.

No waste is produced at manufacturing

so they do not pose a further burden for the environment.

Their value for money

makes them outstandingly liked by the users.

Due to the three-dimensional shaping

the sheets are extremely rigid, thus they may undertake supporting structure functions, and the thicker sheets may function as walking surfaces

Design expanded metal sheets

The products with the trademark MARIANItech® offer innovative architectural solutions in case of shaping of the facades. The metal expanded sheets are used at the renewing of the existing buildings or at the construction of new ones, both in case of private or industrial environments. Thus they assure the new “light” and new “cover” for the projects.

Prater >>>

Prater was born with the aim of
continuously widening the products
range: it is an hexagonal mesh and has
a soft and sinous profile suitable for any

mesh: 100 x 34 mm

strand: 10 mm

Chelsea >>>

This kind of mesh is particularly suitable for the creation
of roof-gardens. The hole diameter and the material have
been carefully chosen order to let the expanded metal and
the plants live together. Technology and nature, a possible match.

mesh: 10 x 7  mm

strand: 1,5 mm

Tribeca >>>

Tribeca is a real metallic cloth, it was created with the aim of
continually amazing. It is suitable for any interior application
both for walls and ceilings.

mesh: 10 x 3,25 mm

strand: 0,6 mm

Notre Dame

Notre Dame is perfect to revitalize an atrium, a lobby, a
conference room and any interior wall that you want to

mesh: 16 x 11 mm

strand: 3 mm


Born to meet the requirements both of outside facades,
curtain walls, shading devices, railings and of inside
solutions as sound proof shields, counterceilings and walls.
This type of expanded metal can reduce the sound in
all those situations (airports, undergrounds, stations,
discotheques, industrial areas) where it is necessary to
limit the acoustic pollution emphasizing the architectural

mesh: 20 x 14 mm

strand: 3 mm


With its particular exagonal cut Ribera offers a unique and
pleasant style. Especially suitable for every application
where style is a production must.

mesh: 45 x 8 mm

strand: 3,5 mm

Santa Monica >

With Santa Monica we propose you to give new life to your
parapets and facades. The hexagonal mesh matches well
the need to create privacy together with the need of having
a good light.

mesh: 52 x 15 mm

strand: 5 mm

Malibu >>>

Suitable for every use, especially for
facades, sliding and fixed shading
devices, curtain walls and every type of
panel made of expanded metals.

mesh: 62 x 21,5 mm

strand: 7,5 mm

Marais >>>

Marais is the trait d ‘union between expanded metals and
woven wire meshes: created thanks to Fratelli Mariani
experience in both sectors. This new expanded metal will
amaze you for its various possible applications.

mesh: 50 x 3,45 mm

strand: 0,7 mm

Copacabana >>>

Among the most used meshes in the residential
architecture, particularly suitable to be shaped to create
new spaces and new ideas. Let yourself be emotioned by
the opportunity of giving space to your imagination.

mesh: 62 x 25 mm

strand: 9 mm

Navigli >>>

The small light passage of this expanded metal allows the
realization of most covering but anyway airy spaces.
It is particulary suitable when there is a necessity of privacy
or security together with a new aesthetic value.

mesh: 62 x 31 mm

strand: 14 mm

Brooklyn >>>

This is the most ideal mesh for works of little
dimensions, but it is also suitable for bigger applications.
With Brooklyn you can be sure to give a taylor-made dress
to every building.

mesh: 85 x 24 mm

strand: 11 mm

Brera >>>

Brera is one of the best expanded metals for the realization
of the most of your ideas; combining lightness, harmony
and strength, it gives a single appeal to each building.

mesh: 85 x 30 mm

strand: 11 mm

Maracana >>>

This is really representative of the expanded metal world
wide. It is suitable for many applications such as technical
rooms, fire escape, curtain walls, shading devices.

mesh: 110 x 52 mm

strand: 24 mm

Raval >>>

It is suitable for every type of facades, the right mix between
mesh dimensions and percentage of open area. Various
types of finishing such as lacquer and coloured anodization
add value to your metal covering.

mesh: 110 x 31  mm

strand: 13 mm

Expo >>>

It’s the real novelty of 2011, presented at the MADE EXPO
fair. This mesh is suitable for interior and exterior cladding
applications. Its success is guaranteed by having a
patented and unique design!

mesh: 110 x 11 mm

strand: 4 mm

Flaminio >>>

The main characteristic of the expanded metal is to play
with shadows and lights. Flaminio gives the opportunity of
having a mesh with big dimensions and a medium open

mesh: 115 x 48 mm

strand: 20 mm

Pasadena >>>

Big surface: with Pasadena you are sure to choose the
right expanded metal. It is perfect to realize façades that
allow to catch a glimpse on what it is covered. With an
original lacquer it allows to get sensational results.

mesh: 150 x 62 mm

strand: 22 mm

Broadway >>>

Broadway starts the series of the “big meshes” that made
the history of the facades in expanded metal. It represents
all the characteristics you can get from an expanded metal
for big surfaces: big mesh, wide open areas, elegance and
lightness together with a good manufacturing capability

mesh: 200 x 70 mm

strand: 20 mm

Berg >>>

It gives the building an unique elegance thanks to its
particular exagonal shape. By creating new lines and
profiles it is able to model every kind of structure with
elegance and originality.

mesh: 225 x 35 mm

strand: 15 mm

Manhattan >>>

With its unique elegance it gives the building a “personal
look”. Easy to be worked this large mesh defines the
volume without weighing it down; the overall effect is
almost evanescent while ensuring the proper protection
from air and light.

mesh: 250 x 83 mm

strand: 25 mm

Hollywood >>>

Hollywood was created for every
situation where it is required to “dress
up” a structure without covering the
architectural lines. This big mesh allows
an extraordinary passage of air and light,
the result is a great transparency and

mesh: 250 x 83 mm

strand: 22 mm

Piccadilly >>>

Starting from an idea, drawing a profile,
manufacturing a product: Piccadilly!
This expanded metal mesh has an
innovative and appealing texture suitable
for a lot of applications.

mesh: 115 x 10 mm

strand: 2,9 mm

Square 40 >>>

Square 40 mesh finds its best expression in the creation of guard rails, ensuring safety and high aesthetic appeal.

mesh: 40 x 30 mm

strand: 3 mm

Square 50 >>>

Square 50 mesh that created especially for industrial applications finds a goodscope in the architectural applications due to its strenght and high open area.

mesh: 50 x 37 mm

strand: 4,5 mm

Big Broadway >

With the increase of volumes and spaces it’s necessary
to rely on increasingly larger meshes: here comes the BIG
suitable to cover the surfaces of large sizes without letting
them loose their identity.

mesh: 200x 73 mm

strand: 25 mm

Opera >>>

Elegance, privacy, uniqueness, these are the main features
of the mesh OPERA line MARIANItech. Suitable for
multiple uses including facade cladding, fences, balconies,

mesh: 100 x 34 mm

strand: 25 mm

Flaminio Light >

The main characteristic of the expanded metal is to play
with shadows and lights. Flaminio Light gives the opportunity of
having a mesh with big dimensions and a medium open

mesh: 115 x 48 mm

strand: 12 mm

Louvre >>>

mesh: 62 x 23 mm

strand: 8 mm

The MARIANI tech Design expanded metal sheets may be manufactured from aluminium, stainless steel, copper, galvanized or carbon steel raw materials.

We offer a wide range of surface treatment possibilities depending on the style, shape, and lifespan necessities, such as galvanizing, natural or coloured anodizing, powder coating in the colours of the RAL colour range.

Industrial expanded metal sheets

The manufacturing of the expanded metal sheets is done by pressing and stretching the metal sheet at the same time. This process forms orifices with different shapes in the material, which assures the free flow of the air and light.

Micromesh >

Microexpanded metal, which prove to be suitable for utilization in the filters field as well as for other various use, can be considered as a particular type of expanded metal from which it differs for the small size of the mesh.

We are therefore in a position to supply any type of microexpanded metal featuring rhomboidal, hexagonal or differently shaped mesh, made of any sort of metal provided that it is suitable for the stretch process. Normally they are made of steel, stainless steel, alluminum, peralumen, brass, copper, plastic material etc.
Some usual applications are for: shieldings and radiant plates of gas or kerosene stoves, grates, flamebreakers, filter covering, sound-proofing panels, internal separators for toaster, grates for radios and record players, aesthetic panels for juke-box and radiator grilles.

Rhomboidal mesh >

Rhomboidal expanded metal is the most common used expanded metal pattern.

Its diamond shape allows good air and light passage and gives an aesthetic appeal.

DL – long way diagonal (mm)

DC – short way diagonal (mm)

Av – strand width (mm)

Sp – thickness (mm)

St – total thickness (mm)

Round mesh >

Round expanded metal is suited as an alternative to perforated metal with an advantage of no production waste.

DL – long way diagonal (mm)

DC – short way diagonal (mm)

Av – strand width (mm)

Sp – thickness (mm)

St – total thickness (mm)

Square mesh >

Square expanded metal is a type of mesh where the long and the short way diagonal are the same.

DL – long way diagonal (mm)

DC – short way diagonal (mm)

Av – strand width (mm)

Sp – thickness (mm)

St – total thickness (mm)

Hexagonal mesh >

Hexagonal expanded metal is high resistant type of expanded metal.

Suitable especially for walkways or where the strength is a must.

DL – long way diagonal (mm)

DC – short way diagonal (mm)

Av – strand width (mm)

Sp – thickness (mm)

St – total thickness (mm)

Stock of industrial expanded metal sheets

Mild steel sheets


mesh (mm) thickness (mm) dimension (mm) open area (m3)
20 x 10 x 2 1 1000 x 2000 60
30 x 17 x 2,5 1,5 1000 x 2000 71
43 x 20 x 4 3 1000 x 2000 60
43 x 20 x 4 4 1000 x 2000 60
43 x 20 x 4 3 1250 x 2500 60

Pre galvanized steel sheets


mesh (mm) thickness (mm) dimension (mm) open area (m3)
8 x 4 x 1 0,8 1000 x 2000 50
10 x 7 x 1,3 0,8 1000 x 2000 58

Aluminum sheets and coils


mesh (mm) thickness (mm) dimension (mm) open area (m3)
10 x 6 x 1 1 1000 x 2000 67
20 x 10 x 2 1 1000 x 2000 60
6 x 3 x 0,8 coil 0,5 1000 mm wide 47
6 x 3 x 0,8 coil 0,5 600 mm wide 47